Leah Scully

Associate Content Producer,
Design, Engineering & Sourcing Group

Leah Scully is a graduate of The College of New Jersey. She has a BS degree in Biomedical Engineering with a mechanical specialization.  Leah is responsible for Machine Design’s news items that cover industry trends, research, and applied science and engineering, along with product galleries. Visit her on Facebook, or view her profile on LinkedIn


Bacteria Produces Intricate Spatial Patterning in 3D Materials
The team re-purposed a commercial 3D printer to extrude bio-ink within biodegradable structures, leading to intricate designs with customized functions.
Machine Design's Products of the Week (3/24-3/31)
Products from couplings for actuator driven systems to 4-20 mA transmitters for wireless data logging integrate with machines to improve overall performance in rigorous conditions.
Temperature-Sensitive Paint Enhances Cryogenic Wind Tunnel Testing
A carbon nanotube heat layer added to temperature sensitive paint enables better measurements of aerodynamic drag on an aircraft.
NASA Offers Software for Public Usage 3
NASA has announced the release of its 2017-2018 software catalog, boasting hundreds of offerings for public use without copyright or royalty fees.
Metal 3D Printing to Shape the Aerospace Industry 1
3D printed parts are finding their way into the final engine designs in the aerospace industry.
Machine Design's Products of the Week (2/16-2/23) 1
New products to market include programmable power sources, integrated steppers with a combined drive and motor unit, and an atomizing spray unit.
Elsevier Restores Journal Access to German Institutions 1
After using other resources like inter-library loans to gain access to publications since the beginning of the New Year, German institutions can access journals published by Elsevier again.
Freestanding Dielectric Elastomers Offer New Capabilities in Actuation, Soft Robotics 1
A dielectric elastomer from NC State University, Raleigh, is enhanced with electroactive "bottlebrush" polymers that allow it to deform under relatively low electric fields and hold its final shape after the field is removed.
3D Printer Tackles Microfluidic Prototyping
Dolomite unveils its commercially available Fluidic Factory 3D printer for sealed microfluidic devices.
Harvard Makes the Latest Claim for Creating Metallic Hydrogen
Solid metallic hydrogen is theorized to be superconductive at room temperature, expelling all magnetic fields and conducting electricity with little to no resistance or heat dissipation.
Low-Temp Gasoline Combustion Research Could Boost Engine Efficiency
Trapping some exhaust in an engine's combustion chamber could lead to auto-ignition designs that replace spark plugs. But ensuring compression stability at low loads remains a challenge.
Climate Change Page Deleted from White House Website 30
In one of Donald Trump’s first actions as President, moments after he was sworn in as president, the White House’s climate change page was deleted.
Deep-Learning Software Company Closes $14-Million Funding Deal
The company currently works with Motorola Solutions on video, image, and audio analytics for public safety. Its software kit has been used in drones from companies like Teal Drones and Parrot.
Machine Design's Products of the Week (1/17-1/24)

From centrifugal impellers for air flow to decoring tools for composite sheets, this product gallery includes some of the latest products to hit the market.

Robot Uses Optic Sensors to Pick the Ripest Tomato
The sensitivity of a robot to feel small textural details, softness, and other tactile features relies highly on the integrity of its sensors.