Stephen Mraz

Senior Editor , Machine Design

Steve serves as Senior Editor of Machine Design.  He has 23 years of service and has a B.S. Biomedical Engineering from CWRU. Steve was a E-2C Hawkeye Naval Flight Officer in the U.S. Navy. He is currently responsible for areas such as aerospace, defense, and medical.

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Posts by Stephen Mraz

Engineering School Bracket Challenge: Round 2 Results; Round 3 is Underway!

in A Skeptical Engineer Mar 23, 2017
The second week of our annual showdown is finished, with only three more weeks left to go....

In the Engineering School Bracket Challenge, Round 2 Is On!

in A Skeptical Engineer Mar 16, 2017
If you haven’t been paying attention, this year’s Bracket Contest from Machine Design, Electronic Design, and several other sister publications is......

9 Myths about Animal Experimentation for Biomedical Research

in A Skeptical Engineer Mar 13, 2017
Computer simulation is making great strides in helping biomedical researchers explore how the human body functions and what can be done to help......

Germany’s Lessons in Windpower

in A Skeptical Engineer Mar 08, 2017
About 15 years ago, Germany embarked on an ambitious plan to re-engineer how it got its electricity. Its goals were noble, but that alone......

ID&E (Rocks and) Rolls into Cleveland

in A Skeptical Engineer Feb 23, 2017
Taking place May 8-10, ID&E will be teeming with engineers, designers, system integrators, plant operations personnel, and high-level decision-makers....

Government-Funded Engineering Projects: What Could Go Wrong?

in A Skeptical Engineer Feb 21, 2017
It’s not as if the government can’t do anything right. After all, even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while, as my father used to say.......

Ford Reincarnates the GT Supercar

in A Skeptical Engineer Feb 02, 2017
Two years ago, the new Ford GT was a sleek and shiny concept car that consumers didn’t know would eventually reach production. Here’s a look at......

SAE’s 6 Levels of Self-Driving Cars

in A Skeptical Engineer Jan 23, 2017
The SAE International standard that defines the six levels of driving automation (J3016), a standard adopted by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation and......

3 Myths about Manual and Automatic Transmissions

in A Skeptical Engineer Jan 18, 2017
Auto enthusiasts, seemingly a dying breed, have long argued that manual transmission, or stick shifts (though some of you might remember shifters on......

9 Myths about Solar Panels

in A Skeptical Engineer Jan 11, 2017
Many homeowners don’t think solar power is for them. The technology isn’t ready, or their location isn’t right, or maybe they plan on moving soon.......